ScaleNine provides inspiration and resources to designers and developers working with Adobe technologies. The site offers a variety of themes and skins to turn vanilla Flex and AIR applications into custom visual experiences. was started in 2006 by Juan Sanchez in response to the Flex community's high demand for custom skins and thirst for knowledge on how to create them. Since its inception, Juan and other members of the community have joined together to create a growing collection of more than a dozen rich visual themes.

All the themes on ScaleNine were created using graphical skinning techniques, CSS styling, programmatic skinning, or a combination of those. Some themes are more involved than others, but all are meant to be used as quick solutions for creating a different looking user interface.

Who runs this?

ScaleNine is in constant development by Juan Sanchez. He is an Experience Architect for EffectiveUI, a leading provider of rich Internet applications based in Denver, CO. Juan's background is primarily in print design, branding, and advertising, however his skills quickly expanded to include Web technologies like HTML, CSS, Flash, and eventually Flex.

Aside from managing ScaleNine, Juan is also an active Flex community member. He speaks regularly speak at user groups, corporate workshops, and conferences, including 360|Flex and WebManiacs. Juan is also a founding member of Degrafa, a declarative graphics framework for Flex. You can catch up with him using the links below:


More themes will be added periodically as I can find the time to create them or as I discover those that others have created. You can follow ScaleNine on Twitter to get updates.


My themes may be freely distributed and used for any non-commercial purpose. They are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License and all that is required is a link back to the homepage in your credits. Regarding commercial usage or any other specifics, contact me at juan [ at ] scalenine [ dot ] com or use the form to the right.

All other themes are copyright their respective owners and should be contacted regarding usage.

themes in action

Are you using one of the themes featured on this site or have you seen one being used? Let me know by sending an email to juan [ at ] scalenine [ dot ] com.


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