Plastic Skin


by Harish Sivaramakrishnan

This theme is inspired by the regular plastic ware that you would see everyday. It is a sober, light theme with a dash of boldness added by the sunshine-orange roll over scheme.

Something Like Mac Skin

Something Like Mac

by Harish Sivaramakrishnan

The aim was to build a Flex 4 theme that looks like the Mac Aqua theme exclusively using Adobe Flash Catalyst drawing tools *only*.

Orange Candy Skin

Orange Candy

by Harish Sivaramakrishnan

Inspired by the look of the Kingnare theme and built with Adobe Flash Catalyst.

Scope Skins

Scope Skins

by Adobe for Creative Suite

A skin meant to be used for creating panels in Creative Suite products.

Black Ops Skin

Black Ops

by Lee Brimelow

A dark black and grey skin with simple lines that can be used in Flash Catalyst and Flex 4.

Simple Skin

Simple Skin

via Adobe Groups

Simple Skin uses white and light blue to create the feeling of a wireframe feel. This series of skins can be used in Flash Catalyst and Flex 4.

Hotel Management Skin

Hotel Management Skin

via Adobe Groups

The Hotel Management Skin is for a hotel management application. This series of skins can be used in Flash Catalyst and Flex 4.

Undefined Theme

Undefined Skin One


Undefined SkinOne is a mixture of greys and details of color. Subtle highlights and details are around every corner.

Brownie Theme


by Nahuel Foronda

A contrasting, bold, and lively skin. Colors include yellow, greys and light blue. Patterns and medium highlights compliment the darker colors.

iCandy Theme


by Phil Chung

A candy coating cascades across every component with hidden sugary elements.

Aeon Theme


by Xu Jiajun

Lime green, grey and white skins with smooth curves and glassy surfaces.

RockOn Theme

Rock On!

by Bhavin Padhiyar

A rough and grungy look with bold colors of green and orange on black, mixed with patterns.

DiscoType Theme

Disco Type

by Heather Ford

Bold colors of green and pink sit on a dark background and intermingle with patterns of typographic forms.

Kingnare Theme


by Jin Xin

This is a dark grey theme inspired by the interface of Photoshop Express.

SummerSky Theme

Summer Sky

by Erick Ghaumez

Subtle tones of grey and light blue with various amounts of surface modeling.

SunNight Theme

Sun Night

by Erick Ghaumez

A dark theme with highlights of light grey and yellow.

VistaRemix Theme

Vista Remix

by Jerry Don

A theme based on a remix of the styling in Windows Vista.