Aqua Theme


by Nahuel Foronda

A theme based on the brushed metal and glossy look of the Apple Aqua styling of OS X.

ClassicOrange Theme

Classic Orange

by Bhavin Padhiyar

A theme of yellow-orange and grey with components of a glossy feel.

Blend Theme


by Richard Williams

A theme of black and red that uses transparency and highlights to create definition of components.

WindowsClassic Theme

Windows Classic

by Sven-Olav Paavel

This theme is based on the look of a Windows classic interface.

Arcade Theme


by Brandon Snyder

Elements of this theme take on a look of older arcade games.

Machine Theme


by Bhavin Padhiyar

This theme takes on a look of machined metal with colors of gunmetal grey and elements like screws and metallic highlights.

BlackBlue Theme

Black Blue

by Bhavin Padhiyar

Black and electric blue give this theme a futuristic feel.

Xan Theme


by Lars Hacking

Grey, black and red colors with a glossy finish.

BlueTan Theme

Blue Tan

by Oluwaseun Ladeinde

Subtle gradients of a muted blue with various highlights throughout.

Brauwny Theme


by Oluwaseun Ladeinde

Subtle gradients of a golden-brown with various highlights throughout.